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Disney Plus is finally up for grabs! Or Disney+ depends on how you prefer to use your keyboard… Ready to enjoy binge-watching every single Disney movie your mind can possibly process? Then you definitely need this awesome Disney online streaming service. In many ways, free Disney Plus is similar to Netflix, with a major focus on Disney’s own high-quality movies and shows. Read below for a detailed Disney Plus free review and have a blast using the service.

It’s Perfect for Kids (and Kids at Heart)

With tons of hours of awesome movies, a cool app available via nearly any gadget, and impressive affordability, downloading the Disney Plus streaming service is a global phenomenon. But is Disney+ going to live up to the hype? Is it worth it? We’ll explore the issue in detail in this review.

Here’s a brief overview of the service and the perks that come with it:

  • Disney Plus is an on-demand streaming tool
  • the subscription costs $6.99 a month with the possibility to cancel whenever you wish
  • provides family-focused content from Disney and its associated brands
  • it’s both for kids and those who are kids at heart
  • watch on nearly any gadget and operating system available
  • constantly growing library jam-packed with entertaining shows
  • the service is 100% commercial-free

Major web browsers are compatible with the service. Also, you can install the Disney Plus app on Windows or iPhone, Android devices. Both the PS4 and Xbox One are compatible with the app, so console fans can enjoy the perks of Disney+ as well. One Disney+ subscription grants you access to 4 concurrent streams with 7 accounts on a maximum of 10 gadgets.

Disney Plus: Design, User Interface, and Library Details

If you’ve used any streaming service at all, you will easily get to grips with the Disney Plus interface. The service is basically tons and tons of high-quality content, organized via a variety of categories. If you like selecting content by genre, you can do that via a drop-down menu in the movies/TV shows section. The layout is far from ground-breaking, but it’s definitely satisfyingly intuitive and easy to navigate.

The Disney+ impressive library contains classic Disney movies, classic cartoons, throwback favorites, as well as shows from other brands associated with Disney. It’s yet unclear whether the service will give you access to Disney's most recently released movies and shows. One thing is for sure though: you won’t be able to lay your hands on a single title on Disney+ while it’s still playing in movie theatres.

What’s also exciting about the Disney Plus download library is that it will feature the never-seen-before exclusive content like deleted movie scenes or fun comments from film directors. Overall, the Disney Plus library comprises over 500 movies and nearly 400 TV shows. On an additional plus side, you can download your favorite shows for offline watching!


  • clean, intuitive layout
  • tons of Disney shows and movies available in one place
  • exclusive never-seen-before content
  • top-notch performance
  • reasonable price


  • occasional bugs
  • impossible to manually change streaming settings
  • missing some Disney shows

5 Excellent

Disney Plus is an awesome streaming service with an easy-to-navigate interface and an incredibly rich library packed full of outstanding family-friendly content. While we know your money is important to you, Disney+ is definitely worth getting if you have kids or just adore Disney.

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